Heather Steyn

Welcome to my website!

I am a South African natural light photographer, based in Calgary, Alberta, who loves to capture the real moments in life. On days when we need to be reminded of all the happy memories of our lives, photos are the most precious thing that we have. We can hold a photo in our hand and be reminded of what we felt at that specific moment in time. I remember as a child paging through my parent’s photo albums with complete wonder. I then would ask my mother about a specific photo and she would always smile & tell a story. That is the purpose of a photo. It captures life.

I have been fortunate enough to capture many weddings and that has been an immense privilege. There are so many beautiful moments at a wedding to capture. I truly love it. I also love to photograph families and pretty much every moment in life.

Although I now live in Canada, I am able to shoot weddings back in South Africa as I travel there almost every year!

Things I love in life :

My husband Dirk, daughter Elena & our two cats Freddie & Phoebe


Frozen yoghurt!

Spending time with loved ones

Long walks in nature

The sound of the ocean (when I am close to it!)

The sun on my back on a cold winters day

This is a self portrait of myself, Dirk and little Elena